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1 This guy at comic con /pics link 82700
2 Ready. Set... Fuck you, I win! /funny link 77829
3 Doing 10k tomorrow super bowl run as Alan from hangover. Think I nailed it? /funny link 73981
4 TIL in 1922, scientists went to a hospital ward with comatose children, dying from diabetic keto-acidosis. They went from bed to bed injecting the kids with a new extract, insulin. As they injected the last comatose child, the first one injected began to awaken. /todayilearned link 67953
5 8 months after my last round of chemo for brain cancer - clear scans and feeling myself again! /pics link 67059
6 First snow in Yosemite. El Capitan getting lit up just before the sunsets. [oc] 3000x4000 /EarthPorn link 61495
7 The hotel I'm staying at in India doesn't want me looking out the windows in a certain direction. /gifs link 61766
8 Level up! /gaming link 58464
9 Paul Ryan tries to tout a 1.50 a week raise, gets shut down hard. /MurderedByWords link 56086
10 My gf draws these for fun and I thought you guys would like them /pics link 60294
11 Reality check for those who shame the DM slide /BlackPeopleTwitter link 54198
12 I did a newborn photoshoot for my little rescue squirrel, Cardboard. I know I'm insane, but it turned out pretty cute /aww link 52213
13 Special needs high school basketball player drains her first career shot /sports link 51482
14 I set up a sound-triggered camera roughly 900 feet away from the launch pad during this week's Falcon 9 rocket launch. (Marcus Cote/Space Coast Times) /space link 50668
15 The Moon is beautiful /space link 52117
16 You talkin’ to my girl? /aww link 48534
17 A single night of sleep loss impairs working memory in women, but not men. In contrast to males who were unaffected, females not only had impaired working memory, but they were also unaware of it. Sleep-deprived young women are at particular risk for overestimating their working memory performance. /science link 49777
18 Do it /BlackPeopleTwitter link 51608
19 The last 3 months in 47 seconds. /Bitcoin link 46074
20 Take us ouuut.. /funny link 46075
21 Meanwhile in Finland /interestingasfuck link 46991
22 Who did it better? /gifs link 43477
23 Lana Del Rey kidnapping attempt thwarted by Orlando police /news link 42924
24 The King of the Jungle is fucking 🔥🔥🔥 /NatureIsFuckingLit link 42309
25 Does anyone remember this scene from Star Wars Episode III? /PrequelMemes link 42259
26 This awesome quartz table /interestingasfuck link 40145
27 Making friends at university /wholesomememes link 39643
28 The style is supposed to be in "marble", but instead they just look dirty. /CrappyDesign link 38260
29 Donald is walking out of the White House and headed towards his limo... /Jokes link 38337
30 TIL a fundamental limit exists on the amount of information that can be stored in a given space: about 1069 bits per square meter. Regardless of technological advancement, any attempt to condense information further will cause the storage medium to collapse into a black hole. /todayilearned link 38368
31 LPT: Kill yourself at exactly 11:36:47 New Years Eve, by midnight Trump will step down after backlash over holocaust comments /SubredditSimulator link 37793
32 Donnie Yen confirms his starring role in live-action adaptation of critically-acclaimed video game, "Sleeping Dogs". /movies link 35074
33 Marilyn Monroe’s Pentagon ID, issued to “Norma Jeane DiMaggio”, before she performed in front of US troops in South Korea, this week 1954 /OldSchoolCool link 33848
34 Double pendulum motion [OC] /dataisbeautiful link 37365
35 My Dog’s flopped-over ear looks like the face of a baboon /mildlyinteresting link 32631
36 worth investing in? /MemeEconomy link 32037
37 Stocking up beforehand /memes link 31958
38 Hello, please help me. /garlicoin link 31619
39 Wait a minute🤔 /dankmemes link 31508
40 Dolphins watching squirrels /BetterEveryLoop link 31172
41 meirl /meirl link 31005
42 What a good pupil /MadeMeSmile link 31458
43 What British sports look like to non-British people. /videos link 31768
44 Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 1972 /OldSchoolCool link 30736
45 It was a sad movie /AdviceAnimals link 28102
46 Here's what's happening in Horizon: Zero Dawn every time you move the camera /gaming link 43479
47 Making a knife from lignum vitae wood /Damnthatsinteresting link 28052
48 What /dankmemes link 27921
49 Did someone say necklace set? /gaming link 27345
50 money shot /Wellthatsucks link 27424
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