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Don't blindly follow a narrative, its bad for you and its bad for crypto in general

I mostly lurk around here but I see a pattern repeating over and over again here and in multiple communities so I have to post. I'm just posting this here because I appreciate the fact that this sub is a place of free speech and maybe something productive can come out from this post, while bitcoin is just fucking censorship, memes and moon/lambo posts. If you don't agree, write in the comments why, instead of downvoting. You don't have to upvote either, but when you downvote you are killing the opportunity to have discussion. If you downvote or comment that I'm wrong without providing any counterpoints you are no better than the BTC maxis you despise.
In various communities I see a narrative being used to bring people in and making them follow something without thinking for themselves. In crypto I see this mostly in BTC vs BCH tribalistic arguments:
- BTC community: "Everything that is not BTC is shitcoin." or more recently as stated by adam on twitter, "Everything that is not BTC is a ponzi scheme, even ETH.", "what is ETH supply?", and even that they are doing this for "altruistic" reasons, to "protect" the newcomers. Very convenient for them that they are protecting the newcomers by having them buy their bags
- BCH community: "BTC maxis are dumb", "just increase block size and you will have truly p2p electronic cash", "It is just that simple, there are no trade offs", "if you don't agree with me you are a BTC maxi", "BCH is satoshi's vision for p2p electronic cash"
It is not exclusive to crypto but also politics, and you see this over and over again on twitter and on reddit.
My point is, that narratives are created so people don't have to think, they just choose a narrative that is easy to follow and makes sense for them, and stick with it. And people keep repeating these narratives to bring other people in, maybe by ignorance, because they truly believe it without questioning, or maybe by self interest, because they want to shill you their bags.
Because this is BCH community, and because bitcoin is censored, so I can't post there about the problems in the BTC narrative (some of which are IMO correctly identified by BCH community), I will stick with the narrative I see in the BCH community.
The culprit of this post was firstly this post by user u/scotty321 "The BTC Paradox: “A 1 MB blocksize enables poor people to run their own node!” “Okay, then what?” “Poor people won’t be able to use the network!”". You will see many posts of this kind being made by u/Egon_1 also. Then you have also this comment in that thread by u/fuck_____________1 saying that people that want to run their own nodes are retarded and that there is no reason to want to do that. "Just trust block explorer websites". And the post and comment were highly upvoted. Really? You really think that there is no problem in having just a few nodes on the network? And that the only thing that secures the network are miners?
As stated by user u/co1nsurf3r in that thread:
While I don't think that everybody needs to run a node, a full node does publish blocks it considers valid to other nodes. This does not amount to much if you only consider a single node in the network, but many "honest" full nodes in the network will reduce the probability of a valid block being withheld from the network by a collusion of "hostile" node operators.
But surely this will not get attention here, and will be downvoted by those people that promote the narrative that there is no trade off in increasing the blocksize and the people that don't see it are retarded or are btc maxis.
The only narrative I stick to and have been for many years now is that cryptocurrency takes power from the government and gives power to the individual, so you are not restricted to your economy as you can participate in the global economy. There is also the narrative of banking the bankless, which I hope will come true, but it is not a use case we are seeing right now.
Some people would argue that removing power from gov's is a bad thing, but you can't deny the fact that gov's can't control crypto (at least we would want them not to).
But, if you really want the individuals to remain in control of their money and transact with anyone in the world, the network needs to be very resistant to any kind of attacks. How can you have p2p electronic cash if your network just has a handful couple of nodes and the chinese gov can locate them and just block communication to them? I'm not saying that this is BCH case, I'm just refuting the fact that there is no value in running your own node. If you are relying on block explorers, the gov can just block the communication to the block explorer websites. Then what? Who will you trust to get chain information? The nodes needs to be decentralized so if you take one node down, many more can appear so it is hard to censor and you don't have few points of failure.
Right now BTC is focusing on that use case of being difficult to censor. But with that comes the problem that is very expensive to transact on the network, which breaks the purpose of anyone being able to participate. Obviously I do think that is also a major problem, and lightning network is awful right now and probably still years away of being usable, if it ever will. The best solution is up for debate, but thinking that you just have to increase the blocksize and there is no trade off is just naive or misleading. BCH is doing a good thing in trying to come with a solution that is inclusive and promotes cheap and fast transactions, but also don't forget centralization is a major concern and nothing to just shrug off.
Saying that "a 1 MB blocksize enables poor people to run their own" and that because of that "Poor people won’t be able to use the network" is a misrepresentation designed to promote a narrative. Because 1MB is not to allow "poor" people to run their node, it is to facilitate as many people to run a node to promote decentralization and avoid censorship.
Also an elephant in the room that you will not see being discussed in either BTC or BCH communities is that mining pools are heavily centralized. And I'm not talking about miners being mostly in china, but also that big pools control a lot of hashing power both in BTC and BCH, and that is terrible for the purpose of crypto.
Other projects are trying to solve that. Will they be successful? I don't know, I hope so, because I don't buy into any narrative. There are many challenges and I want to see crypto succeed as a whole. As always guys, DYOR and always question if you are not blindly following a narrative. I'm sure I will be called BTC maxi but maybe some people will find value in this. Don't trust guys that are always posting silly "gocha's" against the other "tribe".
EDIT: User u/ShadowOfHarbringer has pointed me to some threads that this has been discussed in the past and I will just put my take on them here for visibility, as I will be using this thread as a reference in future discussions I engage:
When there was only 2 nodes in the network, adding a third node increased redundancy and resiliency of the network as a whole in a significant way. When there is thousands of nodes in the network, adding yet another node only marginally increase the redundancy and resiliency of the network. So the question then becomes a matter of personal judgement of how much that added redundancy and resiliency is worth. For the absolutist, it is absolutely worth it and everyone on this planet should do their part.
What is the magical number of nodes that makes it counterproductive to add new nodes? Did he do any math? Does BCH achieve this holy grail safe number of nodes? Guess what, nobody knows at what number of nodes is starts to be marginally irrelevant to add new nodes. Even BTC today could still not have enough nodes to be safe. If you can't know for sure that you are safe, it is better to try to be safer than sorry. Thousands of nodes is still not enough, as I said, it is much cheaper to run a full node as it is to mine. If it costs millions in hash power to do a 51% attack on the block generation it means nothing if it costs less than $10k to run more nodes than there are in total in the network and cause havoc and slowing people from using the network. Or using bot farms to DDoS the 1000s of nodes in the network. Not all attacks are monetarily motivated. When you have governments with billions of dollars at their disposal and something that could threat their power they could do anything they could to stop people from using it, and the cheapest it is to do so the better
You should run a full node if you're a big business with e.g. >$100k/month in volume, or if you run a service that requires high fraud resistance and validation certainty for payments sent your way (e.g. an exchange). For most other users of Bitcoin, there's no good reason to run a full node unless you reel like it.
Shouldn't individuals benefit from fraud resistance too? Why just businesses?
Personally, I think it's a good idea to make sure that people can easily run a full node because they feel like it, and that it's desirable to keep full node resource requirements reasonable for an enthusiast/hobbyist whenever possible. This might seem to be at odds with the concept of making a worldwide digital cash system in which all transactions are validated by everybody, but after having done the math and some of the code myself, I believe that we should be able to have our cake and eat it too.
This is recurrent argument, but also no math provided, "just trust me I did the math"
The biggest reason individuals may want to run their own node is to increase their privacy. SPV wallets rely on others (nodes or ElectronX servers) who may learn their addresses.
It is a reason and valid one but not the biggest reason
If you do it for fun and experimental it good. If you do it for extra privacy it's ok. If you do it to help the network don't. You are just slowing down miners and exchanges.
Yes it will slow down the network, but that shows how people just don't get the the trade off they are doing
I will just copy/paste what Satoshi Nakamoto said in his own words. "The current system where every user is a network node is not the intended configuration for large scale. That would be like every Usenet user runs their own NNTP server."
Another "it is all or nothing argument" and quoting satoshi to try and prove their point. Just because every user doesn't need to be also a full node doesn't mean that there aren't serious risks for having few nodes
For this to have any importance in practice, all of the miners, all of the exchanges, all of the explorers and all of the economic nodes should go rogue all at once. Collude to change consensus. If you have a node you can detect this. It doesn't do much, because such a scenario is impossible in practice.
Not true because as I said, you can DDoS the current nodes or run more malicious nodes than that there currently are, because is cheap to do so
Non-mining nodes don't contribute to adding data to the blockchain ledger, but they do play a part in propagating transactions that aren't yet in blocks (the mempool). Bitcoin client implementations can have different validations for transactions they see outside of blocks and transactions they see inside of blocks; this allows for "soft forks" to add new types of transactions without completely breaking older clients (while a transaction is in the mempool, a node receiving a transaction that's a new/unknown type could drop it as not a valid transaction (not propagate it to its peers), but if that same transaction ends up in a block and that node receives the block, they accept the block (and the transaction in it) as valid (and therefore don't get left behind on the blockchain and become a fork). The participation in the mempool is a sort of "herd immunity" protection for the network, and it was a key talking point for the "User Activated Soft Fork" (UASF) around the time the Segregated Witness feature was trying to be added in. If a certain percentage of nodes updated their software to not propagate certain types of transactions (or not communicate with certain types of nodes), then they can control what gets into a block (someone wanting to get that sort of transaction into a block would need to communicate directly to a mining node, or communicate only through nodes that weren't blocking that sort of transaction) if a certain threshold of nodes adheres to those same validation rules. It's less specific than the influence on the blockchain data that mining nodes have, but it's definitely not nothing.
The first reasonable comment in that thread but is deep down there with only 1 upvote
The addition of non-mining nodes does not add to the efficiency of the network, but actually takes away from it because of the latency issue.
That is true and is actually a trade off you are making, sacrificing security to have scalability
The addition of non-mining nodes has little to no effect on security, since you only need to destroy mining ones to take down the network
It is true that if you destroy mining nodes you take down the network from producing new blocks (temporarily), even if you have a lot of non mining nodes. But, it still better than if you take down the mining nodes who are also the only full nodes. If the miners are not the only full nodes, at least you still have full nodes with the blockchain data so new miners can download it and join. If all the miners are also the full nodes and you take them down, where will you get all the past blockchain data to start mining again? Just pray that the miners that were taken down come back online at some point in the future?
The real limiting factor is ISP's: Imagine a situation where one service provider defrauds 4000 different nodes. Did the excessive amount of nodes help at all, when they have all been defrauded by the same service provider? If there are only 30 ISP's in the world, how many nodes do we REALLY need?
You cant defraud if the connection is encrypted. Use TOR for example, it is hard for ISP's to know what you are doing.
Satoshi specifically said in the white paper that after a certain point, number of nodes needed plateaus, meaning after a certain point, adding more nodes is actually counterintuitive, which we also demonstrated. (the latency issue). So, we have adequately demonstrated why running non-mining nodes does not add additional value or security to the network.
Again, what is the number of nodes that makes it counterproductive? Did he do any math?
There's also the matter of economically significant nodes and the role they play in consensus. Sure, nobody cares about your average joe's "full node" where he is "keeping his own ledger to keep the miners honest", as it has no significance to the economy and the miners couldn't give a damn about it. However, if say some major exchanges got together to protest a miner activated fork, they would have some protest power against that fork because many people use their service. Of course, there still needs to be miners running on said "protest fork" to keep the chain running, but miners do follow the money and if they got caught mining a fork that none of the major exchanges were trading, they could be coaxed over to said "protest fork".
In consensus, what matters about nodes is only the number, economical power of the node doesn't mean nothing, the protocol doesn't see the net worth of the individual or organization running that node.
Running a full node that is not mining and not involved is spending or receiving payments is of very little use. It helps to make sure network traffic is broadcast, and is another copy of the blockchain, but that is all (and is probably not needed in a healthy coin with many other nodes)
He gets it right (broadcasting transaction and keeping a copy of the blockchain) but he dismisses the importance of it
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The CryptoSoft Review- Is It An Exceptional Crypto Trading Software or a Scam

The CryptoSoft Review- Is It An Exceptional Crypto Trading Software or a Scam
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Who invented the cryptosoft Auto Trading Platform?
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How cryptosoft works
We set to check the auto trading system to identify how it works before continuing with the creation of an account. My team discovered that the cryptosoft uses an operational model like alternative outstanding auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Rush, and Bitcoin Loophole. You'll scan our reviews for these 2 auto trading software on our website. The system is majorly about shopping for the cryptocurrency at an occasional price and selling when the price rises. It sounds extremely straightforward, but the cryptocurrency market is very vast, and it's not simple to follow all the market trends manually. This is often why we tend to have made the switch to use auto trading robots that can create additional cash from the cryptocurrency market, compared to trading manually. When the trading robot detects a probably profitable transaction, it acts independently to pick out and secure the transaction for the investor whose account and funds are used for trading. The transaction is held until the value of the cryptocurrency that has been bought rises; it can then be sold to create a profit
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How long should I use the pc throughout a trading session?
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Forbes mining mode detonates currency crypto community

Forbes mining mode detonates currency crypto community
I am a faithful believer in bitcoin. Over the past ten years, countless counterfeit coins have been rising and falling. Only mainstream digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum have stood firm and looked at the situation in the currency circle.
Nowadays, the ecological chain of the currency circle has been monopolized by the vast majority of giants, and there are too few opportunities for small retail investors to participate. The first opportunity to make money is mining and the second is exchange. The exchange is now a foregone conclusion, and for ordinary investors, the threshold for mining is too high. In addition to the lack of access to cheap electricity prices, expensive mining machines and excellent technology, individuals who want to mine will also face risks such as "insolvency" of the currency mined out by the elimination of mining machines. Can small retail investors never participate in mining?
In fact, there has been "cloud mining". The so-called cloud mining is the remote mining by purchasing the cloud computing power based on the miner, and the mining of digital currency issued by the workload certification mechanism, including bitcoin, ether, litecoin, etc.
Among them, the platform is responsible for purchasing, setting up and maintaining mining machines. You only need to purchase basic costs such as computing power and pay for electricity, and you can share mining revenue every day. It's very simple, that's what attracted me at first. In the early days, when I bought 10 mining machines to dig in my own home, the noise, heat dissipation and renewal made me almost collapse.
But I took part in the "cloud mining" and found that there were many big holes, such as:
1、 The platform may be a liar.
Some platforms don't have mining machines at all, and so-called mines are all scams. The so-called computing power you buy on the platform and the increasing balance of account mining are just numbers. Finally, the platform runs away, losing nothing.
2、 The platform is sold in disguised form to eliminate mining machines.
In order to sell the out of date mining machines improperly, some platforms will package the out of date mining machines as cloud computing power, sell them through cloud computing power, and pass the risk on to users. After Xiaobai bought cloud computing power, he found that it was impossible to recover the cost. Because the efficiency of the miner is too low, the recovery of the cost is far away. When the revenue is not enough for the electricity fee, it will automatically stop mining, and the user's money will also drift.
3、 A staggering price of electricity.
There are also platforms that take advantage of users' ignorance to do something about electricity bills. For example, at present, the cost of mining electricity in large mines is about 2-3 gross, but the platform charges more than 6 gross. The miners know that electricity is the biggest cost of mining. In the end, it may appear that the revenue is not as high as the electricity fee, and the users suffer huge losses.
To be honest, the "cloud mining" is not as beautiful as I thought. The platforms I participated in not only didn't make money, but even returned the original cost is a problem. These blood lessons let me deeply understand that only when I really catch the cost in my own hands and see the real mining machine and income, can mining really make money.
This year, on the recommendation of my friend, I noticed a project called Forbes. The project itself is a blockchain cross chain technology, but its mining business also serves the mortgage nodes behind it. They made a "miner Alliance Plan". They studied and found that this model overturned my cognition of the mining circle. I was very excited to find that the project had been completed before the investment After passing on the risk, if you are also a believer in blockchain technology, you can discuss the highlights of this mode with me.
First, the cost of the mining machine is fully returned in the form of smart contract.
During a period of time when Forbes main network goes online, users can use collateral parallel chain assets (such as usdt, BTC, etc.) to lease computing power to deploy mining machines in global mines. During the lease term, the deposit is returned through smart contract according to the number of days. Forbes started the plan of Forbes miner alliance, used market funds to realize the rapid scale of the mining pool, and realized the stable growth of mining profits.
To tell you the truth, my heart is about to crack. Many cloud mining platforms I have participated in, I can't return the money for buying the mining machine to you without telling the quality of the mining machine, but the cost for buying the mining machine on Forbes is returned to you through the smart contract. We all know that smart contracts are automatically enforced. Even if the mining revenue is 0, your cost will be 100% returned!
Of course, when all the cost money is returned to you, the miner is owned by the platform. It's easy to understand that the platform is not for charity, which means that you have recovered your miner at the same price, and you can still place an order to buy it again. Secretly, when you buy it again, you can choose a new generation of mining machines with higher mining efficiency. Isn't it beautiful!
Second, the miner alliance plans to accumulate consensus, thick deposit and thin release Bureau GFS miner
In the early days, users took part in mining 0 cost to make profits, but Forbes actually did not only make profits through mining. As we all know, bitcoin mining is a node of bitcoin network, contributing to the stability of the node. Similarly, Forbes initiated the miner Alliance Plan in the early stage, in order to let more nodes join in at a low threshold and accumulate a broader consensus. After the Forbes network becomes more robust and stable, Forbes will launch its own exclusive miner and dig the token GFS of the chain.
As a representative project of blockchain 4.0, the appreciation of GFS is inevitable. At present, the trading of GFS secondary market has increased by more than 10 times in a week. With the continuous extension of parallel chain and the continuous exploration of financial business, there is almost no doubt that the growth of GFS exceeds that of bitcoin in a year. If you want to obtain GFS, you must participate in the mining of Forbes.
Participating in bitcoin mining is actually to accumulate consensus for Forbes, and in fact, to contribute to Forbes nodes.
Therefore, early users who participate in bitcoin mining are likely to get the reward of GFS earlier.
Here, I think the most conscientious part of the project is to launch its own project token GFS in the later stage with great confidence. Many of the swindler projects I know are all about publicizing "one machine, more digging". Some of them can only dig out their own tokens. However, the tokens dug out are all air. Once the project party runs away, it will lose its life. Forbes can only dig bitcoin at first, only bitcoin is the real digital gold. If you want to dig Forbes' GFS coin, you have to wait until the project is robust and ecological! So to put it another way, even if the Forbes project fails, you can still make money by digging bitcoin!
With the development of Forbes project, you will see that with the expansion of the mining pool and the continuous landing of the ecology, I believe that after the main network goes online, you will make a decision whether to really invest in GFS!
Third, income can be converted into stable currency to lock in profits
As a small leek in a mining circle, I am deeply aware of some platform routines. Many so-called cloud mining platforms, the BTC dug out is not sent to users at the first time, but directly goes to the exchange to smash the market, and finally settles the income according to the falling price. After 19 years of brutal bear market, I want to cry without tears. The Forbes project party deeply understood these pain points, so it launched the stable currency kusd. The digital currency dug up by users can be converted into the stable currency kusd through the smart contract at the first time, and the profits can be locked at the first time to reduce the losses caused by the falling currency price.
Some people may ask, after the research, it turns out that this is a risk-free, zero cost business. Where is the pie falling in the world? So where is the revenue coming from? How is the Forbes project profitable? In fact, this is the charm of mining. Forbes purchases the top-level mining machines with the support of the world's top mining pools through the user's early purchase money.
The more mining machines are purchased, the less the marginal cost is. Therefore, the cost of mining machines is actually lower than the average cost of all users. This cost difference is one of the benefits of Forbes.
Second, when the smart contract returns all the user's costs, the mining machine belongs to the Forbes project party. Even if some of the mining machines are damaged, the remaining mining machines can continue to produce for Forbes. These benefits are sufficient to sustain the cost of maintaining the pool.
Third, Forbes is going to do more decentralized financial ecology in the future. When the community is built, more and more people will participate in this ecology, "where there is traffic, there will be benefits." this is the eternal truth of the Internet era.
Having said so much, you must be interested in the Forbes project, but what I know about Forbes is not only the mining business, but also the first piece of their big game in the field of cloud mining. "Forbes miner alliance" is only the first step. With the launch of the main network, many node ecology gathered through mining will suddenly have a place to play, which to play, invincible. As we all know, the most popular concept of blockchain is difi (decentralized Finance), which is also the field that Ethereum 2.0 will further explore in the future. What Forbes really wants to build in the future is to win the crown of decentralized finance and become the "UnionPay" of the currency circle. Of course, because of the limited space, there is not much overview here. If you want to know more about this project, you can go to their official website to research it on your own Research.

Official website address:
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Iptv basics and start guide.

I thought it was time for an updated version of this guide so I took some from the old and added in a bunch of new stuff. IPTV has evolved and this guide should too. So here we go. I will add to this as time goes on with the goal of making this the ultimate IPTV guide.
If you expect and want channels with 100% uptimes then IPTV is not for you. You are better off with Sling TV or PS Vue or Amazon Prime or Youtube TV or something similar, or sticking with your current cable or satellite service.
Many different services restream from the same sources. That means, generally speaking, if there's an issue from the source, a lot of different providers are going to be having issues and it's out of their hands. Most good services do have multiple sources for the same channels, so if there's an issue with one source, they just switch the channel over to the other. However, you do need to come in with lowered expectations. You're paying likely somewhere between $12-$15 a month for your service. These providers don't have a call center, a team of dedicated professionals taking shifts, and the most expensive equipment and technology out there like the cable providers do. It's usually one or at most two or three people behind the scenes maintaining things, and then a bunch of resellers. Point is, if you're expecting perfection, you're going to be disappointed. Every service has hiccups. Every. Single. One. There's downtime, there's buffering, there's incomplete EPGs, there is always something and it's impossible for there not to be. Yes, there are providers that are more "stable" than others, but anyone who tells you there is 100% no buffering, never any issues, and never any down time, is 100% lying to you.
First and foremost, DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE HERE. If you post a request for IPTV provider recommendations, you will surely get re sellers and providers pimping their warez. There are many providers and resellers shilling their product here. I do not have to name specific usernames but if you been here long enough you will see certain providers propped up here time and time again.
If you post a request for an IPTV providers, you will surely get re sellers and providers pimping their warez (repeating this again for emphasis)
My best advice is to do your own research. Start by reading here /IPTVReviews/ Then Google research the provider you are interested in, then join the provider forums and a READ as much as you can.
IPTV has many variables affecting the stability of the channels
Source channels providers (content generators) <--- Your provider is only as good as the content generators. Not much you as a customer can do here.
IPTV provider this is who you are looking for
ISP <--- they might throttle you which might require a VPN (more on this in a moment, because everyone should be using one). They might block the IPTV provider all together using something like. Sky Shield or BT websafe. You want to disable these blockers. I see people saying they have a gigabit link but still buffering.. Sorry it's most likely you. You have a gigabit link to the next hop and thats about it. A provider that buffers continuously usually does not last long. Customers will leave in droves.... so chances are it is probably your issue.
Customer Network <---- Your home network might not be up to par. Do you have wifi/wired? Do you live in a apartment building with a lot of WIFI competition? Get a wired link.
Customer device <--- is your device underpowered? An old enigma or a cheap android box might not cut it for HD or FHD.
Customer application<--- is it updated or have known bugs? VLC is the best test application on a wired computer.
This means what works for someone may not work for you. A certain provider may work great for one person (most likely a shill) but it may not work well for you.
… which leads us to TRIALS
Do as many as you can.
Keep in mind, the larger and probably more established provider will not offer free trials since they do not have incentive to. Out of a hundred trials they get maybe 1 reals sub. So out of that free 100 trials is countless request for help and configuration help that yields to wasted effort. A nominal cost ($2 USD to $5 USD) for trial for the bigger more established providers is normal.
Resellers and newer providers do offer free trials but usually on the weekday since they are trying to establish their base.
WEEKEND TRIALS are usually never free due to the large amount of sporting events on.
As some many have mentioned, instead of doing trials, buy a month at one provider then go to another provider.and cycle through them .. after about 4 months or so you will be an expert.
USE A VPN. Just do it. I use Nord and many people use IPVanish. You can buy 3 years for pretty cheap and it encrypts your internet traffic with 256 bit encryption. On top of that, your actual IP address will never hit the providers panel, meaning if you've taken other proper security measures (more on that in a second), you're safe and you don't need to worry about the scary things you read about services getting into legal trouble. Honestly if you are in the UK you should be using a VPN for everything, not just streaming, in my opinion, and I live in North America and use it for everything anyway. Providers get taken down or threatened to be taken down all the time. Your information is stored on their panels, or their websites. Use fake information when you sign up on websites. Now a good provider has failsafes in place so if they do start to feel the heat, everyone's information is wiped, but the reality is most providers aren't as smart as people give them credit for. Even user names are important. If you sign up on their website with your real name and your service username becomes your name, or a variation of your name, it just makes it that much easier for you to be identified. Sign up as "John Smith" or "John Doe" or "Supercalafradulistic Expealadocious" while connected to your VPN, and if that service ever ends up under investigation, how much time do you think they're going to spend trying to figure out who YOU are among likely thousands of other users? Not likely.
LEARN HOW TO PAY WITH BITCOIN. It's really not that hard, and believe me I was intimidated when I first tried to figure it out but it's simple. All you do is sign up for a BTC wallet with a provider like Coinbase (or if you're in Canada I suggest Shakepay). From there, you can buy Bitcoin with your credit card (or with Shakepay by e-transfer). If a provider accepts Bitcoin or Etherium or another cryptocurrency, you select that payment method at checkout, follow the instructions and you've just paid with Bitcoin which is virtually untraceable. I think if people weren't so hung up on the slight learning curve, more people would use this method, but there's really not much to it and after a transaction or two you'll have it down pat. You can also earn Bitcoin for free with a tool like Crypto Browser which mines coins as you browse. You won't get rich but you might earn a few bucks a month to go towards your subscription and all you really have to do is use the browser or leave it open when you're not at your computer.
CHANNELS Don't be wowed by services with 5000+ channels just because they have a lot of channels. You will not watch all 5000 channels, in fact most of them will be in languages you don't speak. You will not watch Disney JR in Greek. Pay attention to the channels/categories that matter most to YOU, and judge the services based on those. A service may work great for American channels, but if Italian channels are important to you and they don't work, your experience isn't going to be as good as the guy who pays no attention to those.
VOD This has become less important especially if you own an Android device, as there are tons of free apps that have more VOD on them for free than any IPTV provider could ever hope to offer. Think of VOD as a bonus only. If the provider has it, great. If not, you would probably have a better experience with an Emby service anyway and there are plenty of those too who's sole focus is VOD.
SD OPTIONS Wooo hoo my provider has all FHD channels! and you will buffer all day everyday until your subscription expires. Keep in mind if you watch on your mobile you want a provider with some SD options. If you have data transfer caps you will want SD channels. FHD/HD left on is a crap load of traffic. Ideally ones that have HD and SD options for your favorite channels.
SUPPORT How responsive is your provider? Do they respond quickly? Do they treat you fairly? Are they reasonable? Do they fulfill these requests? Do they help you configure your device and offers post purchase support help? Honestly, this is one of many reasons why it's smart to use a good reseller versus going direct to a provider. Yes you might pay a couple dollars extra, but resellers have way more time to give you (good ones at least) and it's yet another layer of security because again, if a provider gets taken down, and the reseller is SMART (that's key) they've taken measures to at least be more difficult to hunt down than the average person -- coupled with your own security measures like the VPN, fake personal information and maybe you've even taken the time to learn to use Bitcoin, you're safe.
COMMUNITY Do they have a community of other users that can help each other with support and tips and tricks or does your IPTV provider leave you isolated on an island. I see people come here to ask question they should be asking their provider directly.
PRIVACY Are they protecting your privacy? Do they need your personal information Facebook Support group? AVOID if possible. Facebook requires you to request help with you real information. Do you want your Aunt Sally asking why you are posting to "HellonEarthHOSTINGSolutions"? Facebook tracks all your post to request help on IPTV. IMHO, it is plain lazy on the providers part to only have Facebook. There are plenty of other ways to build a community (Discord, Telegram, etc).
This was taken from another redit post but very useful for you guys to see.
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ESPTCO - Your home of Bitcoin Advertising and Earning

ESPTCO Your home of Bitcoin Advertising and Earning
What is it about? There is a big gap in the advertisement space related to Cryptocurrency, When we wanted to grow we had to work very hard and do work manually, It took time to understand, how Backlinks, SEO and Website growth worked. It would cost too much money if we wanted strong sites linked into us helping us grow, and most important Getting dedicated attention to present our project, so we looked for a solution but you know as they say When you want something done right you got to do it yourself!, SO we did exactly that Presenting you ESPTCO
Why are WE Unique? (maybe even the best 📷 📷 ) FOR ADVERTISERS
FOR Earners
SO please join in in welcome Another addition to the Family of ES Products ESPTCO
Thank You for your time, if you have any questions please let us know
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[FOR HIRE] GraphicDesign/Crypto/Research/Articles/Development/Wordpress

Hello my name is wolfie and i'm new to this subreddit, I specialize in many industries and I've gathered a lot of knowledge and experience over the years , I'm looking to make a few bucks and try out for the first time to freelance for bitcoins.
Here's some of my specialties and what i can provide for fairly cheap prices :
Photoshop :
-Make logo designs for businesses or personal use
-Make T-shirt designs and Photoshop them into real persons
-Make YouTube Banners
-Make cool editings for photos
-Make Business Cards/Catalogues/fliers
Video :
-Video editing , smooth translations and the possibility to add subtitles or any text you want
-Promotional Videos and photos
-Teach you about any cryptocurrency and provide premium ebooks and courses
-Teach you about Trading and investing
-Teach you about any type of mining
-Give you advices and Tips from my mistakes and experience
Research :
-Find any ressources using advanced techniques and deep research
-Find a pdf version of any book you're looking for
-Find you the best coupons for paid courses
-Reverse Engineering lookups
-Gather all the quality content available in the internet about any topic (Science,Physics,Cars,Crypto,Technology etc...)
Managing :
-I can manage any of your Socialmedia pages.
-I can manage an Instagram page and make a marketing strategy for it.
-I can manage your blog and write good articles about any topic.
Reviews :
-I can Review any Product or website and tell you what's missing and what would clients think about it (from two perspectives the owner and the clients)
(I also use tools to see the traffic and How to improve it also it helps you make a marketing startegy)
-I can Review any book and give you my honest opinion
-I can Review Your game or any app you make and use them.
Programming :
-I can make a simple Website using Wordpress
-Different types of python projects
-I can make you a discord bot or help you with yours.
-Help you with Game Dev : Unity and C#
Troubleshooting :
-I can identify OS problems and help you fix them.
-I will find any software your looking for and even find activation keys etc...
-I Can find you Vpn Premium accounts for cheap prices
Teaching :
-Teach you how to self improve, find your purpose and keep focused on your Goals in life also how to manage problems and avoid them.
-Teach you about the best strategies to Advertise Any type of product
-Teach you about any scientific topic.
-Teach you about any complicated concept in just few words and make sure you understand.
Translations :
-English to french and vise versa / English to Arabic and vise versa / french to Arabic and vise versa.
-I can Translate a podcast or a book.
Discussions : ( don't pay me or pay me only if you think that i helped you with something )
-We can talk about any topic You Want, personal and daily talks or scientific topics and business ideas, cars, programming, technology... anything
-Give my opinion about something your thinking about (I consider myself good at giving any type of advice) (Financial/Relations/Business etc...)
-We can talk about existentialism and the art of philosophy and philosophers

Feel free to contact me Via a Dm for any question.
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ESPTCO - Your home of Bitcoin Advertising and Earning

This is an official thread to present you:ESPTCO Your home of Bitcoin Advertising and Earning
What is it about? There is a big gap in the advertisement space related to Cryptocurrency, When we wanted to grow we had to work very hard and do work manually, It took time to understand, how Backlinks, SEO and Website growth worked. It would cost too much money if we wanted strong sites linked into us helping us grow, and most important Getting dedicated attention to present our project, so we looked for a solution but you know as they say When you want something done right you got to do it yourself!, SO we did exactly that Presenting you ESPTCO
Why are WE Unique? (maybe even the best 📷 📷 ) FOR ADVERTISERS
FOR Earners
SO please join in in welcome Another addition to the Family of ES Products ESPTCO
Thank You for your time, if you have any questions please let us know
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[Blockchain Classroom] Lesson 10:Bitcoin faucet

In the first few years, Bitcoin was cheap and very easy to obtain. At the end of 2010, in order to let more people know and try to use Bitcoin, programmer Gavin Andreson paid $50 to buy 10,000 Bitcoin and created a website called "Bitcoin Faucet", which gave away 5 Bitcoin to anyone who visited the site for free. At the time, it was worth about 5 cents, which had a significant effect on people's acceptance of Bitcoin.

Later, someone imitated Gavin and set up a website similar to the Bitcoin Faucet. On one hand, a small amount of Bitcoin was distributed to users who visited the website. On the other hand, since these websites tend to get a lot of views, Bitcoin faucet websites can earn advertising fees by diverting traffic to major Bitcoin websites.

Bitcoin faucet websites have even formed a new business model. In the early days, about 50% of Bitcoin websites relied on them for traffic diversion.
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CyberGhost Review - Easiest to use VPN

CyberGhost VPN is one of the most established VPN services around. It was founded by Robert Knapp in 2011, and it quickly became one of the most popular free VPNs.
CyberGhost currently has over 30 million users and its popularity keeps growing but the question is, how does it compare to other top VPN providers?
In this review you will learn what is good and what is not so good about CyberGhost, and you will find answers to popular questions like:
Is using CyberGhost safe? Is it legal and does it really work? Does CyberGhost still have a free version? Does it work with Netflix? Is torrenting & P2P allowed? Before we answer all these questions (and many more), lets first examine CyberGhost VPN’s pros and cons:
Fast speeds: 64Mbps (global average) Unlocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer & other streaming sites Optimized servers for torrenting/P2P traffic Strong logging policy & no IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks User-friendly apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android Great server network across 60 countries Cons Torrenting not available on US & Australia servers Doesn't work in high censorship countries Not recommended for Kodi 14-day refund guarantee on 1-month plan Works with
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting
Available on
Windows Mac Ios Android Linux Price from
As you can see CyberGhost is without a doubt an impressive VPN, but there are a few drawbacks that you need to know about in more detail.
Lets start off our in-depth review by looking at how fast CyberGhost really is.
Speed & Reliability Very fast speeds, especially for same-country connections
CyberGhost will match almost any VPN service for fast download and upload speeds, but what it occasionally lacks is consistency.
CyberGhost VPN’s same-country (for example, London to London) download and upload speeds are impressive and reliable, but CyberGhost users connecting to international servers may notice a drop-off in speed, with ping times also increasing.
Speed results from our physical location in London (100Mbps fibre optic connection) to a London test server.
Before using CyberGhost:
UPLOAD Mbps 97
PING ms 2
When connected to CyberGhost:
UPLOAD Mbps 77
PING ms 13
Download speed without CyberGhost: 95 Mbps
Download speed with CyberGhost: 54 Mbps
Our download speed loss when CyberGhost is running: 43%
We put all of the VPNs on the site through a rigorous scientific speed testing process, determining the average speeds from multiple locations across the globe. These are the average speeds you can expect to pick up from these locations:
USA: 51Mpbs (download) & 41Mbps (upload) Germany: 78Mbps (download) & 74Mbps (upload) Singapore: 28Mpbs (download) & 15Mbps (upload) Australia: 32Mbps (download) & 7Mbps (upload)
Server Locations 4,600 servers around the world
Globe with a blue flag 60 Countries Image of a city landscape 84 Cities Image of a pink marker 4,680+ IP Addresses See all Server Locations CyberGhost’s servers cover the whole world, with great server coverage in Europe and North America.
A choice of over 4,680 servers is paired with a similar number of IP addresses.
Screenshot of CyberGhost VPN server locations in Windows app
4,600 servers is a very good number, and one of the highest server counts on the market. While it’s considerably less than NordVPN‘s 5,000 plus servers, it is still a very high number of VPN servers.
Similarly to IPVanish, CyberGhost owns all of its DNS servers meaning that it doesn’t rely on rented servers to provide VPN connections.
The countries with the most CyberGhost servers are the US (1085), Germany (608), France (324), the UK (665) and Canada (223).
At city-level, CyberGhost covers 13 different US locations, and 3 locations in Australia, Canada and the UK.
Streaming & Torrenting Great for Netflix, Torrenting and More
CyberGhost provides many dedicated Netflix servers, which is great. They are very east to find in the app and we’ve never had any issues unblocking Netflix when using CyberGhost VPN.
CyberGhost has also its own dedicated BBC iPlayer server, too, and CyberGhost is currently our highest-recommended VPN for BBC iPlayer.
That’s not all, though. CyberGhost subscribers also report that they can successfully stream:
Amazon Prime Video Hulu HBO Sling TV Sky Now TV PlayStation Vue Torrenting CyberGhost is also a good choice for torrenting, although there are a couple of caveats:
It doesn’t allow torrenting on its US or Australian servers Torrenting on mobile is a hassle compared to Windows and macOS applications You can torrent from mobile while using CyberGhost if you check and select the existing P2P servers on the desktop app or on the website. P2P torrenting is allowed on mobile, but there is no tab to find out which work.
If you’re ok with these P2P limitations, then CyberGhost is a safe, fast and reliable VPN for torrenting. CyberGhost doesn’t log, it has a VPN kill switch and when we checked for IP/DNS leaks, we found none.
If however the torrenting limitations above are putting you off, then take a look at our best VPNs for torrenting.
Bypassing Censorship No good for China and highly censored countries
We can’t recommend CyberGhost as a VPN to use in high censorship countries, as it simply can’t guarantee to bypass aggressive web censors.
Unfortunately CyberGhost doesn’t have the obfuscation tools that make ExpressVPN and VyprVPN better VPN services to beat online censorship in countries like China, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
CyberGhost even warns that you use of a VPN in certain countries is forbidden and CyberGhost VPN shouldn’t be used in these nations. CyberGhost does mention that workarounds to make its VPN work in these countries are available, but that you shouldn’t try them.
Basically, CyberGhost doesn’t want people to use its VPN in countries where VPNs are not legal.
Platforms & Devices Compatible with popular devices, including routers
Apps Windows Logo Windows Mac Logo Mac iOS Logo iOS Android Logo Android Linux Logo Linux Router Logo Router Whatever your device or operating system, CyberGhost has you covered with either a custom VPN app, or a manual workaround for you to configure your device and use CyberGhost VPN with it.
CyberGhost VPN is compatible with all Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.
You can also use CyberGhost on multiple devices at once, up to 7 in total (depending on the plan chosen).
Games Consoles & Streaming Devices AppleTV Logo AppleTV Amazon Fire TV Logo Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Logo Chromecast Nintendo Logo Nintendo PlayStation Logo PlayStation Roku Logo Roku Xbox Logo Xbox You can also use CyberGhost with a range of gaming consoles and streaming devices, by installing the VPN onto your home router and connecting the devices to it.
You can also piggyback off the CyberGhost VPN connection from another device running the CyberGhost app, such as your laptop.
The recent addition of a native VPN app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick is also a big plus.
Browser Extensions Chrome Logo Chrome Firefox Logo Firefox CyberGhost has VPN browser extensions available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These extensions are entirely free but, regardless of whether or not you’re a paying customer, you’ll only get access to eight servers in four locations (2 servers each) through them: United States, Germany, Romania and the Netherlands.
These VPN add-ons are only proxies though, so they will only protect your web traffic. We recommend you use CyberGhost’s VPN extensions with the main VPN application or VPN client at all times.
Encryption & Security One of the best VPNs for security
Protocol IKEv2/IPSec
Encryption AES-256
Security DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
IPV6 Leak Blocking
VPN Kill Switch
Advanced features Split Tunneling
TOR via VPN Server
Please see our VPN Glossary if these terms confuse you and would like to learn more.
CyberGhost is an excellent choice for privacy, with one of the most advanced security suites of any VPN available today.
The CyberGhost apps default to our favorite protocol, OpenVPN, and it encrypts your web data traffic with the ultra-secure AES-256 encryption and has a kill switch to make sure your identity stays protected in the event of a connection drop.
Rest assured that your true location is safe and hidden with CyberGhost: we ran several IP or DNS leak tests and we found no leaks.
Logging Policy Based in EU but no logs policy assures privacy
This is a list of all the anonymous information that CyberGhost collects (taken from their logging policy):
“CyberGhost VPN records the log-in of an anonymous account for statistical purposes. We do this once a day (all other log-ins will be ignored) and sum up each daily log-in for one month. The daily log-in data will be deleted after 24 hours, the monthly sum at the end of each month.”
CyberGhost claims that this data is the bare minimum required to keep its VPN service running optimally.
CyberGhost’s logging policy makes it clear that no personally identifiable information is collected and therefore there is nothing stored on CyberGhost’s servers that could be used to identify you, should anyone ever seize their servers.
Excerpt from CyberGhost Logging Policy Excerpt from CyberGhost Logging Policy
Jurisdiction CyberGhost VPN is operated by the Romanian company CyberGhost SA, which was acquired by Kape Technologies PLC (previously known as Crossrider) in 2017.
The fact that CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania may seem less than ideal since Romania is part of the EU which has aggressive data-retention and sharing agreements in place with other nations.
However we are not concerned by where CyberGhost is located given that it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable connection data.
CyberGhost is a VPN you can trust with your online privacy.
Ease of Use Extremely easy to use
How to Install & Set Up CyberGhost CyberGhost download in our CyberGhost VPN review Find the relevant software on CyberGhost's website and click 'Download'.
CyberGhost download in our CyberGhost VPN review #2 OPT Follow the simple installation prompts and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
CyberGhost login in our CyberGhost VPN review The app will automatically open once installation is complete. Simply type in your login details.
CyberGhost connected screen in our CyberGhost VPN review After connecting the main screen will show the time you've been connected, your chosen server location, and new IP address.
CyberGhost main screen in our CyberGhost VPN review The main screen is compact and simple, with a connect button in the middle and your chosen server location below.
CyberGhost connected screen in our CyberGhost VPN review After connecting the main screen will show the time you've been connected, your chosen server location, and new IP address.
CyberGhost main screen in our CyberGhost VPN review The main screen is compact and simple, with a connect button in the middle and your chosen server location below.
CyberGhost connected screen in our CyberGhost VPN review After connecting the main screen will show the time you've been connected, your chosen server location, and new IP address.
CyberGhost extended screen and server list in our CyberGhost VPN review Click on the arrows in the bottom left to open up the extended app interface. Here you can see the full server locations list and choose optimized servers.
CyberGhost settings in our CyberGhost VPN review Click the cog symbol to open up the setting menu where you can change the VPN protocol and switch on leak protection.
CyberGhost connection features in our CyberGhost VPN review Under the Connection Features tab you can activate the ad blocker feature and other privacy extras.
CyberGhost split tunneling in our CyberGhost VPN review Click the Smart Rules tab to the left and then Exceptions. Here you can decide which apps you'd like to route outside of the VPN tunnel.
CyberGhost is still one of the easiest VPNs to use, even with all of its bells and whistles.
Menus in the apps are clearly labeled and come with helpful contextual tooltips.
There’s even a set of demonstrative videos on the CyberGhost website that show you just how simple its VPN apps are.
Browser Extensions CyberGhost’s browser extensions couldn’t be simpler. You just have to click the icon and select a location.
Customer Support Live chat and extensive troubleshooting
24/7 Live chat support Online Resources The round-the-clock live chat support agents are always friendly and responsive, usually managing to solve our queries in a matter of minutes.
There’s a good chance you won’t ever need to use live support, though, as the online troubleshooting guides are pretty comprehensive.
Pricing & Deals A great value VPN made very cheap with long-term plan
CyberGhost Coupon CyberGhost logo CyberGhost
Get 79% off CyberGhost's 3-year plan
TestedEnds 31 Aug Get CodeED Terms CyberGhost Pricing Plan CyberGhost used to provide a free VPN service, however that is no longer the case.
At its very cheapest, CyberGhost costs $2.75 per month – a 79% saving – but this requires a 3-year commitment. We think it’s worth the money, but if you don’t want to commit for 3 years then a monthly subscription plan jumps to $12.99 per month while a 6-month plan will cost $7.99 per month (a 39% saving).
CyberGhost has a 45-day money-back guarantee in place, which is one of the longest we’ve come across, but it only applies to subscriptions of six months or longer – one-month subscriptions have a 14-day refund guarantee.
There are no hidden catches or restrictions. If you want your money back then CyberGhost will refund you in 5-10 working days. To get a refund, simply contact CyberGhost support (live chat or email) and request a refund before the 45-days are up. You may be asked to fill in a short survey.
CyberGhost also offers a one-day free trial (or seven days for mobile devices). The free trial grants you the full VPN experience with no personal or payment details asked for. A handy pop-up will remind you of your remaining runtime every time you use the VPN service.
Billed $12.99 each month 6 Months
Billed $47.94 every 6 months Save 39% 3 Years
Billed $99.00 every 3 years Save 79% All plans have 45-day money-back guarantee
Payment & Refund Options Credit Card PayPal Bitcoin CyberGhost accepts a range of payment options including most major credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently accept any other international options like Alipay or UnionPay.
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I own a successful drop shipping business that just made 100k in sales last month and expecting 650k total for 2016. Ask me almost anything!

Hey guys. I wanted to share my story for a while now and I feel that it’s a great time to do it. Proofs are at the end of the this post.
I’m a 25 years old entrepreneur who failed a lot of businesses in the past. I made my first website at 8 years old and since then, I've been making websites for fun and trying to get some revenu here and there. When I was 22 years old, I started my business while I was in University (Computer science) to generate a side income. After my website was online, I got my first sale without advertising it within 1 or 2 days (I can’t exactly remember). Considering my average product cost is around $400, that was a big deal for me. Later that year, I was kicked out of school because I failed the same class twice. I had to wait a year before I can enroll again. I decided to start working full-time and work on my business in the mean time. In May 2016, I left my full-time job to focus on my business. I did this because in 2015, my salary from my business was double of my full-time job. I knew that I can grow it even further so I wanted to focus 100% of my time on it.
This year was my best year so far. I doubled my numbers of the previous year. Last month (November 2016), I made a little over 100k in sales thanks to black Friday. This is about 20k in net profit in 1 month and half of that was made during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since I have no employees, office etc, I usually pay myself 90% of the profit as a dividend and keep 10% for the company. This allows me to still use the business name when purchasing expensive goods like my car.
Since I have multiple suppliers, I don’t have a fix margin. My margin is currently between 30% and 50%. The fun part of my niche is that all brands have a minimum advertised price policy (MAP) so I never have to compete in price against other resellers. It’s all about marketing and content. My gross profit is around 25% and my net profit is 19% - 20%. Expenses include website, transaction fees, car, insurance, gas, restaurant, business trip, cellphone plan etc. I still have a good amount at the end of the year and less expenses under my name. I expect my net income to be around 100k this year. I am also expecting to end this year with about 650k in sales.
I built my brand as a premium reseller in my niche market. I often receive requests from manufacturer (mostly in China) offering me to sell their products with a high profit margin (50%+) but I always decline since I don't want to sell cheap products. Last summer, I removed a brand from my website because it took the manufacturer 1 month to help me process a warranty claim. This was unacceptable for me since it's my brand that gets hurt. Later that year, they revised their communication system and we started doing business again a few weeks ago.
I also focus a lot on original and good content. Links to my website are often shared in forums and Reddit since my posts/pages are useful for my potential clients. This created a lot of random websites copying my content, even my texts and pictures. I often keep an eye on my "competitors" since they literally steal my pictures, remove my logo from them and post them on social media or their website. One of them even copied 100% (text and pictures) of my most visited page and posted it as his own on his website. Fortunately, Shopify has a good DMCA program and I was able to get his page removed within 2 days. I guess having copy-cats means that I'm doing something well.
What else I do as an entrepreneur and goal for next year
Beside the regular retirement plans and investment portfolio, I have a small Bitcoin portfolio since my store accepts bitcoins. I also invested some money in a condo that I’m currently renting while I live with my SO in a rented house. I’m currently working with my main supplier to become the exclusive reseller in Canada. This is a huge deal for me since my company will keep making money in the US market as a drop shipper while I generate a new stream of revenue in Canada as an exclusive reseller. This means that I'll have to rent a warehouse and hire a staff to help tackle this new adventure. I am confident that the manufacturer will agree so hopefully we can get this going after the holidays. Drop shipping is fun at first but after 3 years, I feel that I need a new challenge.
I always wonder why people don’t post proofs when they say that they did something. Here are some screenshots to confirm my claims. I currently have 2 stores selling the same products but in 2 different countries. I also didn’t sell on Amazon until this year. During this last summer, I had to shut down my second store unfortunately but it should be back up in the next few weeks.
Sales made in 2014: Store 1 - Store 2
Sales made in 2015: Store 1 - Store 2
Sales made in 2016: Store 1 - Store 2 - Amazon
Sales made in November 2016: Store 1 - Amazon
Traffic: 2015 - 2016
I wanted to answer some questions since I know that a lot of you are interested by drop shipping businesses. I’m no expert but if I can help someone, I will be glad to.
Edit: I am going to start replying to PMs as soon as I can. If I can't today, I will do it during the weekend for sure!
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PrivateVPN Review - A real shocker

PrivateVPN doesn’t shy away from talking itself up on its website. It makes a whole bunch of bold claims, such as it being the “fastest growing VPN worldwide”.
PrivateVPN also promises to “unlock anything, protect everything” – that’s just what we like to see from a VPN service, but can it possibly deliver on such strong claims?
We put PrivateVPN to the test hoping to answer that question, plus:
Does PrivateVPN work with Netflix? Where is PrivateVPN located? Does PrivateVPN work in China? What is Stealth VPN? And, of course, is PrivateVPN any good? Our unbiased and in-depth review will explain all, but if you’re in a rush you can find our key takeaways just below. Pros Consistently fast speeds No logging & no IP, DNS & WebRTC leaks Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more Torrenting/P2P allowed on all VPN servers Choose from VPN servers in 59 countries User-friendly apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android Cons Small number of individual VPN servers No browser VPN extensions No native app for Linux Live chat not always available Works with
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting, Kodi
Available on
Windows Mac Ios Android Linux Price from
PrivateVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market, there’s no doubt about it. It’s fast, safe and tantalizingly cheap – but it’s not without its flaws. Read on to find out just what to look out for.
Speed & Reliability Very fast speeds across the server network
PrivateVPN provides consistently fast speeds across its VPN server network. Reliably quick uploads and downloads are ideal for both secure torrenting and buffer-free streaming.
Connecting to a same-country server (UK to UK), PrivateVPN only slowed our internet connection down by about 7%.
PrivateVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available – if speed is what you want then it’s a serious contender.
Speed results from our physical location in London (100Mbps fibre optic connection) to a London test server.
Before using PrivateVPN:
DOWNLOAD Mbps 92.94
UPLOAD Mbps 97.54
PING ms 3
When connected to PrivateVPN:
DOWNLOAD Mbps 86.7
UPLOAD Mbps 88.94
PING ms 5
Download speed without PrivateVPN: 92.94Mbps
Download speed with PrivateVPN: 86.70Mbps
Our download speed loss when PrivateVPN is running: 7%
Ping times are low (great for gamers) and upload speeds are high (great for torrenters).
Even across international connections, such as the UK to the US, PrivateVPN is pretty speedy – you’ll be able to do pretty much anything online without breaking a sweat.
Take a look at the average download and upload speeds we recorded connecting out from the UK to PrivateVPN’s servers:
USA: 63Mbps (download) & 25Mbps (upload) Germany: 86Mbps (download) & 56Mbps (upload) Singapore: 32Mbps (download) & 15Mbps (upload) Australia: 18Mbps (download) & 13Mbps (upload) Server Locations Just 150 VPN servers cover 59 countries
Globe with a blue flag 59 Countries Image of a city landscape 75 Cities Image of a pink marker 7,000+ IP Addresses See all Server Locations PrivateVPN’s array of locations (59 countries) and VPN servers is nowhere near the highest we’ve seen, but it’s not as poor as it may first look.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN's beta server list
PrivateVPN offers more than 7,000 individual IP addresses so, despite maintaining just the 150 or so VPN servers, you shouldn’t have to worry about facing congestion or slowdown.
Those 150 VPN servers also do a pretty good job of providing worldwide coverage. There are servers in popular locations like the US, Canada, Australia, and loads of countries in Western Europe, but PrivateVPN also provides plenty of choice in South America and Asia-Pacific.
Those in South and Central America can connect to VPN servers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.
While Asia has VPN servers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates.
Disappointingly, Africa is covered by South Africa alone.
PrivateVPN provides city-level choice in eight countries, which is great for experiencing the best speeds:
Australia (2) Canada (2) India (2) Italy (2) Sweden (3) the UK (2) Ukraine (2) the US (9) PrivateVPN uses a mix of physical servers and virtual servers. It owns some of its servers and leases others. While this isn’t ideal, PrivateVPN ensures that those leased servers are not keeping user logs by setting them up themselves and monitoring the servers remotely.
Streaming & Torrenting Works reliably with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more
PrivateVPN is one of the absolute best VPNs for streaming.
PrivateVPN makes streaming easy by organizing its locations list into servers optimized for accessing certain streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
PrivateVPN also has dedicated VPN servers for 18 other streaming channels including:
Amazon Prime ESPN HBO Hulu Sky Torrenting PrivateVPN is a great VPN for torrenting, with P2P allowed on all servers, but there are special servers in 17 countries optimized for that purpose too. You can find these servers under ‘Dedicated IP/Torrent’ within the ‘By Service’ servers list.
PrivateVPN is one of the safest choices for torrenting due to its no-logs policy, host of security features, and fast uploads and downloads.
PrivateVPN is ideal for Kodi, too.
Bypassing Censorship Works reliably in China thanks to Stealth VPN protocol
PrivateVPN is a good VPN for China.
Its advanced privacy tools and Stealth VPN protocol, which hides the fact you’re using a VPN, meaning that PrivateVPN is one of our most reliable VPN choices for China – or for bypassing censorship in any other country, for that matter.
Thanks to the Stealth VPN feature, you can use PrivateVPN in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey too. With plenty of servers in Asia, speeds should remain fast.
PrivateVPN also provides Tor over VPN if you’re looking for an extra layer of security.
Platforms & Devices Simple custom VPN apps for the main platforms
Apps Windows Logo Windows Mac Logo Mac iOS Logo iOS Android Logo Android Linux Logo Linux Router Logo Router PrivateVPN has custom VPN apps for the most popular platforms, including:
Microsoft Windows Apple MacOS iOS Android For any other platforms, like Linux, there are plenty of manual setup guides online to help you through it.
You can connect up to six devices at the same time, which makes PrivateVPN a good choice for those who want to protect not only their devices but their family’s too.
Games Consoles & Streaming Devices AppleTV Logo AppleTV Amazon Fire TV Logo Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Logo Chromecast Nintendo Logo Nintendo PlayStation Logo PlayStation Roku Logo Roku Xbox Logo Xbox On top of custom apps for the four most popular platforms, PrivateVPN provides solutions for smart TVs too.
PrivateVPN is one of very few providers to offer a dedicated VPN app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, meaning all you have to do is download the app from the store and you’re ready to go.
In order to protect games consoles or any other streaming device, you’ll need to connect them to a configured router or another device running the PrivateVPN app, such as a laptop or smartphone.
Browser Extensions Unlike the majority of our other top-ranking VPNs, PrivateVPN has no browser extensions. This means that there are no add-ons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.
ExpressVPN, for example, provides full-featured VPN extensions for the most popular web browsers. VPN browsers tend to come with added WebRTC leak protection, but thankfully we didn’t experience any leaks during our PrivateVPN tests.
Encryption & Security Very secure VPN with plenty of configurable options
Protocol IKEv2/IPSec
Encryption AES-256
Security DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
IPV6 Leak Blocking
Supports TCP Port 443
VPN Kill Switch
Advanced features SOCKS
TOR via VPN Server
Please see our VPN Glossary if these terms confuse you and would like to learn more.
It’s not just a name – PrivateVPN really is a truly secure and safe VPN, with lots of advanced features in place to make sure your data and browsing habits are kept as private as possible.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Settings Menu in App
PrivateVPN provides near-uncrackable AES-256 encryption, the OpenVPN protocol – our personal favorite, and DNS servers operated by PrivateVPN so that your traffic doesn’t take any unexpected diversions.
You can choose to connect using other VPN protocols (PPTP and L2TP) but we don’t recommend them as they don’t provide the same level of security. In fact, PPTP is unsafe to use.
PrivateVPN has a VPN kill switch for Windows to keep you safe if your connection drops, but it’s missing for MacOS and mobile devices, which is disappointing.
Our thorough VPN testing detected no DNS or IPv6 leaks, and you can also use Tor over VPN or TCP Port 443 for even greater security.
Screenshot of leak test results for PrivateVPN PrivateVPN test results while connected to a US server. We test from the UK.
Logging Policy Strict zero-logging policy mitigates EU jurisdiction
A VPN can’t truly be private unless it has a top-notch, robust logging policy. PrivateVPN claims that it “doesn’t collect or log any traffic or use of its service.”
That’s great – unfortunately, that one quote is also the full extent of it. We’d like the privacy policy to explicitly say that it doesn’t log DNS requests, connection timestamps, or IP addresses, but thankfully a support agent confirmed that PrivateVPN doesn’t collect this data.
Ultimately, we trust PrivateVPN to keep you safe, and you should too, but ideally we look for a little more information and clarification in a privacy policy, just for peace of mind.
Jurisdiction PrivateVPN was founded in 2009 and is owned by Privat Kommunikation AB, which operates under the jurisdiction of Sweden, making it subject to EU data retention laws and intelligence-sharing agreements.
However, PrivateVPN’s zero-logs policy means that even if it was asked to comply with any type of investigation, it doesn’t have any information about its VPN subscribers to give to the authorities, so there’s nothing for users to worry about.
Ease of Use Simple setup and user-friendly custom apps
How to Install & Set Up PrivateVPN Screenshot of PrivateVPN Download Button Go to the downloads section of the PrivateVPN website to begin the installation process.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Terms and Conditions You have to accept PrivateVPN's terms and conditions before you can install the software.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Installation Wizard Once you've accepted the terms, the VPN installation wizard will let you know once the installation is complete.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Completed Installation When the software has been installed, you'll be prompted to restart your machine before you can use the VPN.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Desktop App Main Screen The desktop VPN client is uncluttered and user-friendly, displaying your new IP address and chosen server location.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN's server list PrivateVPN's server list is arranged in alphabetical order by country name and displays the city name too.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN's streaming servers PrivateVPN makes streaming your favorite shows easy with a list of dedicated VPN servers.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Protocol Selection You can choose which VPN protocol you want to connect with, but OpenVPN is the default setting.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Connection Guard The VPN connection guard tab allows you to toggle on/off features such as the kill switch and DNS leak blocking.
Downloading and installing PrivateVPN is incredibly easy and takes only a matter of minutes. There are step-by-step installation guides for loads of popular devices on the website if you need help.
PrivateVPN’s minimalist VPN apps do a great job of keeping things simple while simultaneously showcasing its more advanced features.
The desktop and mobile PrivateVPN apps are very similar in appearance, and everything is clearly labeled and accessible – although mobile users should beware that the Android and iOS versions are missing the kill switch.
PrivateVPN’s apps don’t provide integrated support, either, so newbies or those looking for assistance will need to head online for help.
Customer Support Useful online resources but live chat is inconsistent
Live chat Support Online Resources PrivateVPN does have a live chat help feature on its website, but it’s not available 24/7, which is less than ideal.
The chat box is either red or green depending on whether or not it’s available – there doesn’t seem to be any way to predict exactly when that will or won’t be. When it’s unavailable PrivateVPN brings up an online form instead.
Email replies to the online form are fairly quick, and the support agents are very knowledgable and friendly.
Even if the live chat isn’t active when you need it, PrivateVPN’s online resources and FAQs should be able to see you through most issues.
Pricing & Deals Super cheap VPN, especially on 15-month plan
PrivateVPN Coupon PrivateVPN logo PrivateVPN
Get 73% off with PrivateVPN's 15-month plan
TestedEnds 28 Aug Get CodeED Terms PrivateVPN Pricing Plan PrivateVPN is affordable with a sizable 73% saving available when taking out a 15-month plan. $2.88 per month for the duration is an extremely enticing price for a service the quality of PrivateVPN.
There are also shorter plans available, but these work out to be more expensive on a monthly basis.
Billed $10.95 for the first month Save 35% 3 Months
Billed $12.60 for the first 3 months Save 61% 15 Months
Billed $43.20 for the first 15 months Save 73% All plans have 30-day money-back guarantee
Payment & Refund Options Credit Card PayPal Bitcoin PrivateVPN accepts a fairly limited number of payment methods, but there is an option to pay in cryptocurrency for a higher level of privacy:
Major credit and debit cards PayPal Bitcoin PrivateVPN offers a seven-day free trial completely risk-free. You don’t need to provide any payment details, just an email address, and you’ll have full access to the service for a week.
There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee for all users, and the only conditional is that you use less than 100GB of data in the period.
You will need to provide a reason for asking for your money back, but all refunds are processed within five business days of them being requested if you have second thoughts.
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Why Kraken is an unsafe/bad exchange and why you should avoid them

It should shock you how careless and poorly run Kraken seems to be. I will explain why I believe Kraken's development team is terribly unqualified or why they are understaffed. This should alarm you because from what I've seen they are more qualified to run a bitcoin fan site, but somehow they were put in charge of running a multi million dollar exchange. Please note that this is my own personal analysis and opinion on Kraken and is in no way official or anything.
You have to understand, Kraken's engineering team didn't fail at an impossible task: they failed at fundamental and basic principles of software development. That should be a giant red flag for anyone who uses and trusts kraken with their money. jespow and kraken-tyler have a lot of explaining to do here, because after seeing how many mistakes this exchange has made in the past 2 days, I can only conclude that it must either be engineered by children or completely incompetent adult engineers who have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS building and scaling up a trading engine. Let's look at a timeline, shall we?
  1. Throughout pretty much the entire year last year, Kraken totally failed to scale, and they blamed it on their trading engine. Despite millions of dollars being traded weekly/daily on their exchange, apparently they couldn't create a trading engine that would actually stay online for longer than an hour. They shoved a warning at the top of their website apologizing for how slow and awful it was and it stayed like that pretty much from June 2017 onward.
  2. The other day they go offline for 40 hours and leave this highly unprofessional description explaining why:
  3. At some point they post this And they tell us "we finally replaced our trading engine that sucked with a better one, but it immediately broke so we're trying to fix it".
  4. 40 hours of downtime and one unprofessional message on their homepage later and they're back, but they have a critical other bug where people magically lose their money when they close shorts....
Even if you knew nothing about software engineering this is absolutely ridiculous and definitely shows you how incompetent this company is. If we dive deeper into number 3 above then we really can see how much of a complete joke their engineering capabilities are:
When you build any sort of software project you have these three things called unit tests, staging environments and migrations. Let's say you were building a traffic light. Unit tests would be like automatic checklists that run and say "make sure the light turns red" or "make sure the light goes yellow before going red" and "make sure the crosswalk lights work when the human presses the button". Even hobby projects often have close to 100% test coverage, meaning you strive to have all your code tested as well as you can. Kraken clearly does not have appropriate unit tests in place because they've now suffered two critical bugs which should have been caught in unit tests.
Two, Kraken had no staging environment. When kraken went down for almost 40 hours they said it was from a bug they could ONLY have detected in a production environment. Well guess what? It's common practise in web/backend development to be able to spin up environments WHICH ARE IDENTICAL TO THE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. It's quite clear to me that Kraken also does not have an appropriate (or competent) devOps team, because if they did have one then they would have easily been able to create a production identical environment which would have allowed for the "production only" bug to be produced.
Three, Kraken decided to stay offline for 40 hours as opposed to rolling back to their last working version. This is again shocking because you never want to migrate to a new version of something (ESPECIALLY AN UNTESTED SOMETHING) without having any way to go back to your previous state. Again this shows me that Kraken has no devOps team, or they are incompetent, because upon discovering the bug, they should have been able to roll back.
Summary of mistakes Kraken made:
  1. Wrote poor (or no) unit tests which failed to cover critical aspects of their trading engine. This caused 40 hours of downtime and customers to lose their money due to a bug with short trades
  2. Have a poor (or no) devOps team who are unable to spin up multiple environments for proper development and/or testing
  3. Have a lack of understanding of how to properly deploy versions and create migrations, because they had no way to roll back their changes
  4. Probably they have poor organization in general because it took them a year to attempt this scaling solution. What were they doing during that year if they weren't writing unit tests, migrations, and doing all the things a proper dev team should be doing?
  5. They literally replaced their home page with a plain text file with 3 sentences explaining that they're offline...
Remember, this space is unregulated and while I personally enjoy this aspect of it quite a lot, it also means the burden of protecting ourselves from bad actors falls on us. And from where I stand Kraken is a bad actor because they either cheaped out on engineers despite making millions of dollars from us, or their development team is not strong enough to build and manage their application at scale. In either case they had an entire year to rectify the problem but they did nothing.
But unit testing isn't magic and can't catch all bugs, right?
It doesn't solve all your problems but I would say the fact that there seems to be a common bug with shorts calculating profit wrong so that clients lose money is an indication that obvious tests were skipped or written poorly. Think about it. Just how well is their shorting feature tested at all, if there's a bug in something as important as calculating profit? It's not an isolated bug either since there's multiple people reporting it. Especially considering this is a financial system and they were developing it for a long time I don't think it's a stretch to say that this wasn't tested well at all.
But maybe its just too hard or impossible for them to create staging environments...
Ok lets assume that it's completely impossible for them to spin up an environment as close to production as possible. First, I would ask why they built it in a way where this is impossible since it seems pretty useful for testing, but moving on I wager that they still did a poor job flipping a switch and just turning this all on for everybody at once. This wasn't a small change by the looks. If that's the case then I think they should have rolled this out slower, and not give it to 100% of their users all at once. They could've even offered a "beta" mode where fees were slightly less but "you cant get mad at us when it breaks". There's tons of ways they could've handled the release better and put simply they butchered it.
But building a financial system like this is complicated!
I agree it's complicated, which is why when you're a big (and probably wealthy) company like Kraken you need to hire the A-team. Instead it looks like they hired the C-team. And I know that's harsh to say but it's hard for me to go much easier on them here given the facts and that large sums of money are involved.
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Can DDoS attacks harm your server and how to prevent them?

DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks these days. Their scale already exceeds one terabit per second and over 2000 of such attacks are being observed daily by Arbor Networks. So, should you care? Surely! It’s important to secure your network to stay calm and ensure uninterrupted services to your customers.
Possible Harm
DDoS attacks disturb regular tasks of a targeted computer system by flooding it with bogus traffic from numerous compromised machines. As a simple example, if your e-commerce site is under DDoS attack, your customers are withheld from placing new orders. If it’s a call center, your clients cannot make or receive calls. If it’s a booking engine, your clients are not able to make new reservations. In other terms, your service is being denied. Still, can these service disruptions make a lasting impact on your system and harm your customer base? Let’s try to answer this point by point.
How to avoid DDoS?
As DDoS attacks keep growing in volume and frequency, we should prevent them from making harm to your projects. You should plan ahead to secure your network and minimize the impact of such intrusion. So how to prevent ddos attacks?
Hackers are getting better each day with more and more methods available for finding vulnerable systems on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are now a lot of ways to protect your business and avoid DDoS attacks whatsoever. Do not hesitate to take preventative actions in advance and you will sleep well at night.

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Holochain ICO just finished. Two ETH Genesis wallets invested 1,574 ETH ($1 MILLION USD) into ICO! Thoughts???

HoloChain ICO address was: 0xa28fc2102da86e424b37ad86c7bc7855fc441239
This ETH genesis wallet put in 1,374 ETH staggered over 9 hours into Holo ICO (possibly to avoid public detection) The only other contribution to an ICO from that address was to Polkadot & Tezos ICO
Another ETH genesis wallet put 200 ETH in
1,574 ETH total x $682 per ETH = $1,073,468 USD investment into HoloChain. Why would these Ethereum developers/founders/advisors invest so much in a competing product? Do you think it's a hedge bet or to control supply? This sorta reminds me of when Microsoft at it's top invested a massive amount of $$ in their competitor -- Apple (when they were months away from bankruptcy and Apple stock was super cheap).
From what I understand:
~ Holo believe they have found a way to run decentralized apps with virtually no transaction limits/bottlenecks. So confident in this, they have scheduled their roadmap to include a testnet to have 100mill tps/per hour (about 27.77k tps/sec) by Q3/Q4, 2018!!
~ Dev code started in 2016 but project was developed even before Bitcoin was invented
~ Team believe they found a solution that is up to 1,000,000 more efficient than Ethereum
~ Team believe they can scale and handle Facebook/Twitter traffic volume if there are enough nodes to support it
~ Holo Team & Mozilla Foundation (Firefox browser) have been having secret meetings for months @ Mozilla HQ in San Francisco. They don't post it anywhere on their website but a Google search for: mozilla holochain reveals this. The latest Firefox browser has been installed on 170+ million desktops. Holo says their P2P solution allows anyone to host their own website and run Dapps by just having HoloFuel tokens. In short, they are planning to tackle Amazon AWS, and other cloud providers but in a totally decentralized way. They expect to be magnitudes cheaper than all "centralized" solutions currently on the market. I have a feeling the team at Mozilla see something in the Holo code and are working on something together. More Silicon Valley companies will jump on board if Mozilla follow through. It could become a new standard, like the way HTTP started the Web revolution.
~ They have been selling node boxes in a crowdsale which so far has resulted in over 1,388 sales. This means when main net launches, over 1,388 nodes will be running HoloChain with 30,000+ expected by Q4.
~ They have a massive supply which they say is required because in the future, people don't want to pay 0.00032 HOLO tokens, but would prefer something nicer, e.g. 2.52 HOLO fuels, thus the huge supply. They are planning for the day when HOLO is widely adopted.
~ Github activity is very active
A lot of people are comparing Holochain to Dfinity or Hashgraph, however Dfinity is raising for a market cap of $2billion and all indications so far seem to indicate they will be oversubscribed. Meanwhile, Holochain's mcap is just $27million!!!
I know a lot of people are interested in Dfinity right now, they have huge backing from major VCs, however big backing doesn't always lead to a runaway success. Take for instance, Ethereum was founded by Vitalik when he was just a 21 year old kid with no prestigious VC backers.
FYI, full disclosure: I have bags in this, however I am really happy but also curious to know why a genesis wallet invested a massive amount of ETH, late in Holochain ICO stage. Supply Control, hedge bet? Your thoughts?
Regarding Genesis wallets: Whilst it is true that distributions came out from a genesis wallet to all ICO holders, I did some digging and realized that this address had 24,050 Ether (@ $682, that's nearly $16.3 million USD) that was left in the wallet since ICO. They only recently moved the funds to participate in the Holochain ICO. I am pretty sure they are devs. Most people would of sold their gains when Ethereum did 300x. You can see the funds from these wallets never hit exchanges, 2/3 was left there since Ethereum's ICO! Nobody treats Ether like that unless you are devs with heaps of spare ETH to play with.
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The Internet Cloud Has a Dirty Secret

The music video for “Despacito” set an Internet record in April 2018 when it became the first video to hit five billion views on YouTube. In the process, “Despacito” reached a less celebrated milestone: it burned as much energy as 40,000 U.S. homes use in a year.
Computer servers, which store website data and share it with other computers and mobile devices, create the magic of the virtual world. But every search, click, or streamed video sets several servers to work — a Google search for “Despacito” activates servers in six to eight data centers around the world — consuming very real energy resources.
A lot of them.
Today, data centers consume about 2% of electricity worldwide; that could rise to 8% of the global total by 2030, according to a study by Anders Andrae, who researches sustainable information and communications technology for Huawei Technologies Ltd.
U.S. data centers consumed 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2014, the same amount that 6.4 million American homes used that year. Data centers need electricity to power their servers, storage equipment, backups, and power cooling infrastructure; most servers require temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit to operate, and cooling can comprise up to 40% of electricity usage in conventional data centers.
“People don’t think about the backend consequences of Netflix streaming,” says Debra Tan, the director of Hong Kong-based nonprofit China Water Risk. “The information and communications technology (ICT) sector is probably one of the most power-hungry sectors going forward.”
The global shift toward what Tan calls “cloud-based societies”—and the rise of nascent tech like 5G networks, robotics, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies—means electricity consumption in data centers will keep surging.

Data’s massive carbon footprint

Because servers are housed in nondescript data centers rather than factories with billowing smokestacks, the size of their carbon footprint is easily overlooked.
But the constant and increasing demand for connectivity means ever more energy funneled into these data centers, and much of that energy is non-renewable and contributes to carbon emissions. Data centers contribute 0.3% to global carbon emissions, according to Nature; the ICT sector as a whole contributes over 2%, and those numbers could increase.
The U.S. is home to 3 million data centers, or roughly one for every 100 Americans. A large number are clustered in Loudoun County in northern Virginia. Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google operate data centers there, and county officials claim that 70% of the world’s Internet traffic flows through the area’s data centers.
Only 12% of Amazon’s Loudoun County data centers and 4% of Google’s are powered by renewable energy, despite their pledges to shift to 100% clean energy, according to Greenpeace. The region’s low commercial electricity rates make it an attractive site for power-guzzling data centers.
Debra Tan of China Water Risk says that American tech firms with a global presence like Google and Facebook must step up their existing commitments to clean energy, as must Chinese tech companies like Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, which sourced 67% of their energy from coal in 2017. China’s data center industry is the world’s second-largest, comprising 8% of the global market.
“The ICT sector can definitely lead the world in aggressive decarbonization because they’re the sector that will add on the most power going forward,” says Tan. “They have the capability [and] they have the scale.”

The data never ends

The Internet’s “never-ending creation of data” explains why electricity demand in data centers will likely surge in the future, says Huawei researcher Anders Andrae, who cites more advanced video, 5G networks, A.I. training, holography, and cryptocurrency mining as some of the drivers.
The energy consumption of Bitcoin mining has been a concern for many watching the rise of cryptocurrencies, and analysts have said Bitcoin mining consumes around 0.3% of global electricity (some skeptics argue that such estimates are exaggerated, however).
In China, the government is starting to crack down on the practice. Authorities in China’s Inner Mongolia province said earlier this month that they will no longer support the crypto mining industry, though they did not issue an official ban.
Inner Mongolia’s cheap electricity, thanks to a wealth of coal, is what first drew crypto miners to the far-flung province. In China, data centers get 73% of their power from coal and 23% from renewable sources. The country’s clean energy industry is still developing, so there is a lack of infrastructure compared to coal-powered sources, which are relatively cheap and abundant—China accounts for half of global coal consumption.
China’s data centers emitted 99 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2018 and will emit two-thirds more by 2023 unless industry addresses its energy consumption, per a 2019 study by Greenpeace and North China Electric Power University.
Ye Ruiqi, a climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace East Asia, says that the initiative to move the industry towards renewable energy “must come from internet data center companies themselves.”
“We need to start addressing the carbon emissions and air pollutants associated with the source[s] of power that feed into our data centers.” Ye says, noting that a handful of Chinese companies have started shifting to renewables and “the results are promising.”
While consumers can make some daily changes to their consumption—streaming Netflix on medium quality rather than high-definition could save over 75% of carbon and water used—companies and governments must take the lead in the greening of the supply chain and development of renewable energy infrastructure, says Tan.
“We can get more efficient […] but our demand is also going to go up,” Tan says. “Your best bet is to go 100% renewables for the backend, cloud, all the transmission towers, et cetera. If you can get that infrastructure to green then there’s less pressure to curbing demand.”
It will be difficult, but if the sector takes action to shift from coal to renewable energy, electricity consumption can decouple from carbon emissions, Ye says: “Technology innovation doesn’t have to contradict [sustainable] development.”

More must-read stories from Fortune:

China is the world’s biggest coal user. Can it break the habit?
—How the [energy industry is using data to decarbonize itself
](—Why solar execs say [the game is already over for non-renewable energy
](—BP’s CEO says he’ll sell oil projects to meet [Paris climate accord goals
](—Listen to our audio briefing, [_Fortune_500 Daily
]( to[_The Loop](, a weekly look at the revolutions in energy, tech, and sustainability._
* More Details Here
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How to Leverage Your Local User Data for PR

Written by: Igal Stolpner
In this article, I will not cover the benefits of using data for public relations, nor will I go into how as an SEO professional you can use classic PR tactics to get more publicity in the form of mentions and links. Enough has been written on these topics.
Instead, I will delve into a very specific tactic that has been successful for my team again and again over the years: offering your data’s local angle, to local journalists. This data-driven tactic is not limited to companies focused on data; in fact, it can benefit any medium-sized or larger website by getting more mentions and links.
The Often Forgotten Local Publications
While everyone wants to be mentioned and covered by top tier national and global publications, there is an additional layer of publications, the local ones, that share one thing in common: publishing stories for people who live in or care about a specific geographical area.
A local publication could be focusing on a specific city, state, region, or even a small country. While the writers and editors of top tier publications are being pitched national and international stories every day, local publications (still) receive much less attention.
This doesn’t mean they are writing less often. Just as their larger counterparts, they also want to publish compelling stories on a regular basis. In this case, stories that are relevant specifically to their local readers.
Local User Data
If your website is serving users from all parts of the country, or even multiple countries, you probably have access to local user data. Data you may have been ignoring because you didn’t think it had much use. As a website that, for example, sells books, reviews travel destinations or even offers insurance tips, you may have been under the impression that your local user data for different cities is not very relevant.
However, the different trends in people's interests among geographical areas could be of high importance to the right journalists or bloggers. By turning this data into a story that these journalists and bloggers would want to cover, you will increase your presence on their sites.
As a side note, there is no need to worry about not being credited for your data as any credible publication will reference its source when citing statistics from a third party. Otherwise, they would have to take responsibility for the accuracy of that data, and that is not something any credible website would do.
There are Three Simple Ways to Look at Your Local User Data:
  1. Focusing on the data of a specific area.
  2. Comparing one local area with another, such as New York City vs. Los Angeles.
  3. Comparing a specific area with the country’s average. For example, comparing Boston’s data with the US average.
For the last two, the same concepts can also work on a global scale in looking at the data of one country vs. another, or a single country vs. the global average.
While this tactic might remind you of another popular PR trend from recent years (i.e., “offering maps”), here we want to focus specifically on local websites and their unique local angles. Often, you will see that you have interesting insights for more than just one area, making it possible to pitch the same story with a few individual local angles to different local websites.
How to Access Local User Data in Google Analytics
Finding your local user data is much easier than you may think. With every hit, Google Analytics (GA) documents your website’s activity and attributes quite a few different dimensions. These include the traffic source, browser, device type, and many more, including a few geographical dimensions. The main geographical dimensions are city, region (state or area), and country.
To retrieve your local data, you can simply build a custom report, then add a secondary dimension to most standard reports, and choose any of the geographical dimensions.
Or you can simply use segments, which is one of my favorite features that GA offers to all users.
Segments allow you to look at your entire GA data in any narrow view, filtered by any dimension or other rules you apply. This means you can look at all of the data your GA has collected from the eyes of that specific, filtered audience. When applying two segments at the same time, comparing the two areas becomes very easy.
Building Your First City Segment?
Go to any of your GA reports and click “+ Add Segment”, then"+ New Segment". Name the new segment and choose “Conditions”. From there, search for “City” in the dimensions drop down (usually under “Ad Content”), then switch “contains” to “exactly matches”, adding a city such as "New York", and save.
You can then add an additional segment, such as "All Users", for your first comparison.
Two Examples that Illustrate the Local User Data Tactic:
Here are two actionable examples that show how you can leverage local user data for content creation by asking the right questions:
  1. Your website reviews travel destinations in English and are focused on a US audience.
You are considering pitching a journalist from a local publication in Colorado who you have noticed often covers travel. As a travel site owner, you know which destinations are the most popular ones, domestically and internationally; you know where people prefer going in the summer compared to the winter; you know which ski resorts are most in demand; and you even know which time of year people usually begin booking cruises.
By taking the local data you have for Colorado specifically, and comparing it with any other state or with the US average, you may have a story for this local publication.
You probably would not surprise journalists with local ski resort preferences, but you may surprise them with the preference of locals when it comes to traveling to New York City vs. San Francisco.
You may also surprise them with Coloradans’ favorite summer vacation destinations - do they prefer vacationing in Florida or in the Bahamas? Or maybe they have a markedly different preference from another state, or the country when it comes to choosing a destination for their European vacation?
  1. Your website offers food recipes in multiple languages and serves people from all around the world.
There are local journalists from Australia who write a lot about Aussies’ food preferences. Do you think you could provide them with stats on Australians compared to the rest of the world?
For example, do Australians like pasta as much as Americans do? And what about allergies and food sensitivities? Can you estimate the percentage of people with gluten intolerance in Australia compared to Europe or the US with your own data set of the most popular recipes?
And what about that one German food blogger from Berlin; can you tell her what is different about the recipe searches on your site for Germans specifically? And the difference in taste preferences among Berlin, Munich, and Freiburg? Perhaps the difference in their favorite beers or deserts?
So How Do I Spot Something “Interesting” For a Local Angle?
Whether your website is about a specific hobby, covers education or tech, or specializes in finance, health, news, shopping, or even weight loss, you should be able to find a local angle for one of your industry’s trends or known facts.
To spot “interesting” local user data, you need to ask the right questions. Begin by looking for current popular trends around the topics you cover, since these will be of the highest interest to journalists and bloggers.
Continue with investigating known facts that perhaps you are able to disprove, or new facts you may reveal. For instance, if a known fact or statistic about Americans is obvious from your data, see if this is the case in every state. It is very possible that there is an exception and this trend is entirely contradicted elsewhere.
Usable Examples from My Experience
As one of the examples from my own experience, when the cryptocurrency market boomed in 2017, we were able to produce numerous stories based on our local user data. People from all over the world expressed interest as Bitcoin's price began to surge.
We wanted to know if there were any geographical areas that expressed significantly more interest in Bitcoin than others. We compared both US states and countries throughout the world.
One successful campaign included the state of Texas, where we found a correlation between very high consumer interest in Bitcoin and the legalization of it in the state. Texas was the first state to release an official statement on Bitcoin and the first state where a Bitcoin-only real estate transaction took place.
Yet another story revealed that the top five countries interested in cryptocurrencies were all Eastern European, and we linked this trend to cheap energy costs that made cryptocurrency mining affordable.
In both cases, we calculated the percentage of users checking the relevant pages against the total page views for each area. We wrote a few separate stories for each based on our findings and pitched them to both local sites and sites that covered cryptocurrency, which resulted in some very good placements.
Then, a story came up entirely by coincidence when we were checking demographics for an advertiser. It made us look for the state with the highest ratio of female investors. Another one was finding the most popular tech stock in every US state, and the correlation with the region’s political views. They all proved to be worth our while.
Angles Are Everything
Finding the ideal angle is often the main challenge of this tactic. Once you have the trends, known facts, and the conclusions your data reveals, list the ideal statistics you would want to find. Then, expand the search by local areas for comparison.
While significant differences in demographics like age and gender often attract a lot of media attention, you can also simply look for what is most popular on your site by geographic region. Review your content, site searches, features, and the items your users buy, or any other KPI goals and custom metrics.
Of course, you can always see what else is out there, but only focus on what has not been covered yet. Look for the areas that stand out; journalists usually prefer the more extreme stats, hopefully with a surprising element.
Once you have spotted the unique data you have for a region, it is time to write your story around it and find the relevant journalists or bloggers who are most likely to cover it.
How to Choose Local Websites and Distribute Your Story
Since there are so many local areas and publications, it only makes sense to start compiling your list of local websites after you have the data in hand and the story ready.
With the data and story complete, you can then do a search to create a list of local websites that might be interested in your story. You will have to dig a little bit, but finding these sites is actually quite simple.
Begin by going through the sites found when searching for ‘%AREA% local newspapers/news/blogs’. For example, ‘Colorado local newspapers’, ‘Seattle local news’, or ‘Florida local blogs’.
Finding Relevant Topics
Continue by searching for relevant topics together with the area’s name on Google News, and try any of the tools you use to spot competitors. Once you have the first relevant website (for example ‘The Denver Post’), find its direct organic competitors. Most of them will be the local websites you’re looking for.
Using SEMrush, you can simply go to Domain Overview>> Main Organic Competitors to readily discover the same competitive intel.
Once you have your full list of potential local websites, it is time to prioritize them before pitching the first one. Here are a few possible things to consider:
Distributing Your Story
After your list is prioritized, it is time to break it into tiers. You will usually have selected the most important one to three websites you want to offer your story to first, so from there you should decide on the time frames allotted for each website to respond before moving on to the next one.
Not all website editors, journalists or bloggers will respond, and that is exactly why prioritizing the list and deciding how long you can wait for each to do so is critical. If you believe that your story is extremely interesting and you have been able to spot a trend or reveal a fascinating fact for a local area, consider offering exclusivity to the first website (or websites) you pitch.
"Exclusivity" is a very strong enticement for news publications, and often for blogs, too. The fact that they have the potential of revealing something for the very first time, ahead of their competitors, can help in your article receiving much better exposure on their site. It could even be featured on the publication's home page, and through internal communication channels to newsletters, social media, push notifications, and more.
In the end, you don't just want your story to be published. You want as many people as possible to read it and get exposed to the story and your brand. Make sure you choose the most relevant websites and the most relevant journalists, and that you give them enough time to respond as possible.
The possibilities with local user data are almost endless, and I believe that any website can find interesting industry trends if they just dig deep enough. Remember that any nationwide perception can probably be refuted somewhere.
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