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Bitcoin Finds a Home in Cash-Loving Germany

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"It's a technology driven by anarchists who wanted to get rid of banks, and now the banks are promoting the technology," said Shermin Voshmgir, founder of BlockchainHub, a Berlin-based think tank that advocates for blockchain and the decentralized web.
Germany's Deutsche Bank AG and Bertelsmann SE, among the biggest investment banks and media companies in the world, are both looking to integrate blockchain into their operations, according to company insiders.
A 2016 study in the International Journal of Central Banking showed that Germans used cash for 82% of transactions and 53% of all payments by value-far more than American, British or French consumers.
Jörg Platzer, a German information architect with 30 years of experience, calls his Kreuzberg bar Room 77 "The first bricks 'n' mortar business ever [to have] accepted Bitcoin" and says the Stammtisch there on the first Thursday of every month is "The longest running Bitcoin meetup on earth as far as we know."
The excitement around cryptocurrencies and blockchain now reaches from that Berlin scene to the biggest bank in Frankfurt.
Blockchain "Is a fabulous enabling technology that will help optimize our existing business but more importantly will open up new revenue streams," said Thomas Nielsen, Deutsche Bank's chief digital officer for transaction banking.
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On the nights of Bitcoin conferences in Berlin, Room 77’s janused identities – grungy nightclub and Bitcoiner lodestone – fuse into one, as the bar becomes a swimming mass of bodies hopped ... Amid the seemingly nonstop flow of wild events in 2020, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the start of the next bitcoin bull run and copycat bacon cheeseburger token scams (more on that later), the leg Remembering Room77, Bitcoin’s Favorite Bar Room 77 originally opened as a side project, until Bitcoin came and made it an icon. Now, the first bar to ever accept bitcoin is closing. Room 77, you're going for the people, not the food. The sign out front says it all: "Warm beer, cold women," which points out that the drinks aren't very good either. But the place attracts a fascinating circus. Self-proclaimed as the first bar in the world to accept Bitcoin, Room 77 embodies Bitcoin's brand as the machine lubricant of the economic underworld. It's a place where you can expect ... As Room 77 regular Anonymous Candle put it, "When one Room closes, another opens" and that is very true, as Room 77 inspired a lot of new locations that accept bitcoin in Berlin, including ...

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Bitcoin Stammtisch Room 77 Berlin - Duration: 3:44. liborioTV Recommended for you. 3:44. How To Build A Concealed Wilderness Fire - Duration: 18:36. Prepper Advantage Recommended for you. 18:36 ... In Kreuzberg, Berlin, virtual currency Bitcoin has expanded off the internet to become a favoured medium of exchange in real shops and bars. Joerg Platzer, the owner of bar Room 77 is helping to ... A beer payed with testnet coins on Lightning Networks at ROOM 77 IN berlin - Duration: 0:29. Gabriele Domenichini 265 views. 0:29 . The Lightning Network Explained (Litecoin/Bitcoin) - Duration: 8 ... #Bitcoin #BTC #Live NO violations of YouTube's Community Guidelines will be tolerated. Please review them yourself, and see our Discord "Rules" room for a full list of rules, and actions that will ... Talking about Room 77 with Joerg Platzer and Rick Falkvinge ... Zu Besuch bei The Room in Berlin - Duration: 6:29. Adventure Treff Recommended for you. 6:29. Lightning Fails to Strike (Again ...