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Every bear market ends after the last turd has been flushed down the toilet.

Quick buck con artists come with every bull market, the bear market bring out truth and tends to flush out the garbage.
Bull markets require a clean sheet before they can begin. Think of the US stock market after the 08-09 collapse. Deadweights have to be cut off before the ship can sail.
The bitcoin bear market is about 5months in. Many dubious characters have been outed, bankrupted, arrested.
Let's recap the 2014 BTC Bear Market:
Negativity is much higher then 4-5months ago. I would say we have either already hit bottom or are close to it. Since the damage to bitcoin reputation is immense and arising from a wide variety of individuals, I do not think an imminent bull market will occur.
The worst may be behind us at this point in time.
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06-11 14:51 - 'Eric Voorhees is a weasel.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/HandofBitcoin removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-9min

Eric Voorhees 'public apology' is nothing more than a charade. How long will this deluded subreddit keep accepting and vouching for weasels?
The libertarian triumvirate of Voorhees, Ver and Shrem arriving on the bitcoin scene brought with it the predictable predatory behavior associated with anti-social liberalism.
Voorhees, Ver and Shrem introduced an libertarian ideology into the bitcoin ecosystem that has wreaked absolute havoc. Nobody is or can be trusted, everyone is to act in their 'rational self-interest', Ayn Rand is to be worshipped. Voorhees actively promoted Silkroad when bitcoin was still in it's infancy. The libertarianism of Voorhees, Ver and Shrem has done nothing but magnify divisions while enriching it's proponents.
1) Eric Voorhees preyed on people by encouraging gambling addiction via SatoshiDice. Voorhees used his libertarian ideology to justify the 'harmless vice'. Roger Ver would promote SatoshiDice straight off of and recently began promoting his own casino off of
Both Voorhees and Ver used the bitcoin name to promote their own private interests at the expense of other people. Why do 'libertarian' business's practice always involve predatory behavior?
2) Eric Voorhees was the first mass-spammer of the blockchain by flooding useless SatoshiDice transactions on it.
3) Eric Voorhees decided gambling income wasn't enough for him and it was better to get into pump and dumps by promoting 'S.Dice' shares with pornographer Mircea Popescu. Many people felt Voorhees was artificially inflating S.Dice income in order to 'pump' the stock. Voorhees would eventually 'buy out' all shares at lower prices causing substantial losses to many people.
4) Voorhees was investigated and fined by the SEC.
5) Voorhees and convicted money launderer Charlie Shrem were on the recent 'Panama papers list'.
6) Voorhees fled to Panama in order to avoid any potential legal problems from sitting in the US due to the nature of his various scams.
7) Voorhees lengthy story of 'inside job hacking' at Shapeshift has been met with widespread skepticism in bitcoin circles.
8) Voorhees incurred a reddit ban for brigading subreddits.
Eric Voorhees is a weasel.
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A reader from Romania, one Mircea Popescu, asked me to try out his MPEx, a stock and futures exchange working entirely in Bitcoin. He presented me with a free account [1] containing one bitcoin, operational from Dec. 21, 2012 to Feb. 5, 2013. Mr. Popescu's creation is remarkable in a number of ways. He eschews the complexity and creeping featurism of "Web 2.0" in favor of a simple back-and ... Mircea Popescu tells us about Bitcoin’s smallest unit, the satoshi. Posted July 15, 2019. Mircea Popescu I suspect the only purpose of the whole rigamarole is ye olde Microsoft... Diana Coman I've got "current" Debian to finally install somewhere - its gcc is 8.3 so... Mircea Popescu Muie Linus. bot Alt latin: Question: You wrote that learning Latin in high school “was fun.”... Mircea Popescu For the record, this article makes ... A reader from Romania, one Mircea Popescu, asked me to try out his MPEx, a stock and futures exchange working entirely in Bitcoin. He presented me with a free account [1] containing one bitcoin, operational from Dec. 21, 2012 to Feb. 5, 2013. At that time it was still Mircea Popescu's Options Emporium. ... Much better known for his shareholders-on-welfare Bitcoin "stock exchange", aka GLBSE. A few points need mention here : Strateman works for MtGox now. Seeing how he's fucked anyway, makes little difference if he's fucked for two things or twenty, which should be a great lesson for anyone not understanding why we don't do business ...

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Mircea vlog; Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Skip navigation Sign in. Search References: BBC version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Mircea Popescu's blog: http://trilema.c... Nu sunt consultant financiar! Eu imi exprim parerea, voi faceti ce vreti cu banii vostri. Am filmat acest clip undeva in jur de ora 1 dimineata pe 17 ianuarie. Pe 18 ianuarie dupa ora 21 au ...